life lesson

When you die you will be known by those that remember you. Will it be as one who who made a difference or one who only occupied a space and best gone?

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The Way of One

Spiritual healing

You ask to be healed, but first you must learn and accept.

I am the helper but I can not help you heal without you accepting the youu spiritual healing and neither of us will succeed without your awareness of The Way of One.

One God
One universe
One earth
One sky
One water
One people
One animal
One plant

I do not ask you to walk away from that which you have been taught and have always believed. But I do ask you to consider that everything that God has created is a part of God and that everything He has created is related. For while one might appear to be greater than the others, not one can survive without the others.

The Way of One can exist by itself or it can enhance all other beliefs. For what belief will be lessened by the concept of treating everything in this world as if were a part of yourself? Quite the contrary, any belief would be enhanced.

I had been aware for many years that I had some ability but it was not until 2006 that I found a teacher. I studied under a Cherokee medicine woman who taught me the use of crystal and stones to focus and enhance the use of good energy so that the individual might spiritually heal themselves. Can I help to spiritually heal every disease? Of course not.

I help by opening myself to the universe, by becoming One with it and asking God to aid me in directing positive and good energy to one who is ill. I ask the one who is ill to accept the good of the universe and to once again become part of the One.

I have been given the gift of helping to spiritually heal pain in most of its forms. In person, the one in pain becomes part of the healing process with the use of particular stones. If at a distance, the process is different but the results are the same.

I continue to study and search for more ways to help spiritually heal other diseases. Each case is different and dealt with individually. I make no false promises and will continue the process of helpingng only with the full understanding of my limitations and abilities by the one who is ill. I do not diagnose, nor do I treat or profess to cure any medical condition.

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